Systematic, exposure-driven investing


Our investment thesis is based on the belief that the drivers of the global economy, markets and companies are constantly evolving, and that getting exposure to these evolving drivers can be a source of sustainable and diversifying alpha in our clients’ portfolios.  

To implement this thesis, our investment process uses data and technology first to aid the identification and curation of these economic drivers, and second to measure the sensitivity of each global stock to each of these drivers.


We then use this exposure information to create an active portfolio that seeks to optimize exposure to all of the drivers that were identified while controlling for other risks. We call this exposure-driven investing.

Over the past five years our team has built a data and technology platform that we believe enables us to solve the challenges posed by the rapidly increasing quantity and speed of data availability as well as the complexity of both structured and unstructured information.
The platform facilitates our investment process by systematically collecting and extracting information from millions of data sets, including venture capital data, news, websites, earnings calls and many others.
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