We see the world—and investment opportunities—differently.


Pluribus Labs® is a systematic, insight-driven global investment manager that sees the world—and investment opportunities—differently. Our firm is built to capitalize on the intersection of economics, finance, data science and algorithms.

We believe markets are driven by a collection of exposures to the strategic trends that influence the global economy (cybersecurity, manufacturing innovation, wellness, etc.), as well as by traditional return drivers (risk factors) and environmental, social and governance*  commitment and practice. 

We use advanced data science to determine the relevant strategic trends and to construct  portfolios that we believe provide active exposure to these trends.


Pluribus Labs LLC officially launched in June 2018. Read some of our latest insights below.​


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Greg Williamson on CNBC

Pluribus Labs Head of Strategy tackles recession fears.

Strategic Trends: Aging Population

The sea-change in the demographic constituency of our global population is likely to generate significant economic impact to sectors catering to the world’s seniors.

Strategic Trends: eCommerce

Wachi Bandara, Head of Research at Pluribus Labs, explores the intersection of ecommerce and infrastructure.

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"CIO ToolBox: the Best Way to Onboard New Board Members."
Chief Investment Officer. October 10, 2019.

*Although ESG may be a primary factor, Investments will not be limited to those companies with an emphasis on ESG.

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